I just got back from a unity meeting in Oakland. The focus was coming up with a strategy for California that works and keeps people out of jail for cannabis. The meeting was attended by many that have been advocates for various initiatives and strategies. I think that the long time advocates have finally begun to realize that we must all compromise and work together. California WILL be a leader in how cannabis legislation should work. 
There are a few people out there that are upset that they weren't invited to the meeting and are starting to spread rumors that there is conspiracy in the air. It just isn't true. The meeting was fairly spontaneous. I was there because I was going to be there anyway on another matter. The first thing our movement needs to do in 2013 is to STOP BEING MARINOID!!!! This movement is like a big tent. The stakes can be moved to make it larger and bring everyone in. What we can't afford is to work against each other again. We need to be realistic and we all need to be able to compromise. And we all need to raise money and have a role in the grass roots effort. Will you be a unity star?  Please make a commitment by commenting with your email address. You will be put on a list of volunteers for the effort in 2014 and 2016 and kept in the loop. Let's get this done!!!