You are invited to participate in an iBook project intended to change perceptions about marijuana by telling 100 short stories by 100 real people in a fun and easy to read format. 

Each page will be formatted the same way. The top of the page will have your name or a title if you prefer. Then there is space for an image, a gallery of images, a video, a powerpoint presentation, an HTML widget….

The possibilities are endless. You have a maximum for 1500 characters for your text. 

Please make your story personal and true. Your work may be edited. The top 100 stories will be chosen by popular vote. 

The book will be available on iTunes. The 100 authors will collectively own the iBook. iTunes takes 30% of sales. VibeNation MultiMedia will be taking 10% of sales for producing the book. The rest of the profits will be equally split between the 100 authors. Let me know if you have any questions on the technical details.